Wednesday, August 25, 2010

An Introduction

Welcome to the ongoing colonial adventures on the continent of mafrica.  Mafrica is an excellent place to conduct colonial campaigns!  A long time ago, Jack Scruby created this map for his own use and it is now available (see my links).

It is hoped that this blog will provide us a way to have some fun in documenting our world and putting our battles and campaign in some sort of context.  There will be articles to explain some of the history of the continent and depict the place in Mafrican history of El Shad, the greatest Mafrican leader ever to emerge from the continent.  He was able to unite most of the tribes against the Europeans who huddled in cities primarily along the southern coast and over the years a kind of status quo has emerged.  But you will learn much of this

There are currently three players in our campaign and we all go back many, many years.  Back to high school in fact.  Back in the eventful years of the Vietnam conflict.  back to the 1970's.  That is all you'll get as to hints as to our ages.  My name is Richard Court and I live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area in North Texas.  The other primary player is Larry Casey who resides in our hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada.  The third sometimes plalyer is Mark Templar, also of Las Vegas.  So there is our happy crew!

And now off on this, my first experience with a blog!

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